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I composed and recorded "Gates of the Universe" in 2005 using Reason ver.3.0

Reason is the greatest software synthesizer used by many famous composers.

Improved through years Reason version 4, then 5, 6, 7 and finally version 8 became the greatest tool

for composers. Instruments organized using "real" racks together with real but virtual effects and finally

professional full-featured mixer are the most incredible tool where imagination is the only limit.

After 10 years I decided to go back to my eariler compositions and re-master them using the newest version

of Reason.

What was re-mastered? First was notes velocity and instruments volume level. Then many small details in

notation and finally Remix using professional Mixer with Master Compressor which is now

part of the newest version of Reason. That allowed to record composition with ZERO NOISE level.

Thanks to Propellerhead and its Reason you can listen full verson of remastered

"Gates of the Universe".

Click on CD picture and Enjoy.    Michael C.Cwynar


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